Thursday, November 12, 2009

SC verdict shocks activists

The recent ruling by the Supreme Court has left people shocked more than surprised. The judgement, which states that ‘kicking your daughter-in-law is not an act of cruelty’, has met with strong reactions from all quarters. Nafisa Ali expressed her bewilderment at the same.
Dr. Ranjana Kumari, director of Centre for Social Research and president of an organisation Women Power Connect says, “There are lakhs of women who are tortured by their in-laws. How can the Supreme Court ignore their plight is beyond my understanding.”
However, psychologist Sameer Malhotra feels that being the highest authority, the SC has to carefully examine evidences and take various facts into consideration. “I do not want to comment on the ruling but I feel that the court needs hardcore evidence to pronounce any judgement.”
Kalyany Chawla, vice president of Christian Dior is extremely angered by the judgement. “It is absolutely outrageous that a body that upholds the law and order in our country can pass this kind of statement and actually make it legal. Moreover, any kind of physical abuse is unacceptable,” she adds.
The activists want the government and the people to wake up from their deep slumber and do something against this Draconian ruling.
Ranjana Kumari expects that some enlightened lawyers will file a review petition against it. Jaya Jaitley, a former politician and an activist opines, “The government should overturn the judgement like it did in the Shah Bano case. We are living in a democracy and people need to voice their opinions. I believe that the Supreme Court judges should be hauled up in the court of public opinion.”
Kalyany remarks, “The judge who gave this judgement should be debarred from giving any such judgements in the future which are against the very grain of our culture where respect for a woman is paramount.”
Dr. Samir Malhotra feels that differences are bound to happen between two individuals and the solution to these problems lies only in communication. “In my view, if the partners take responsibility for their relationship then there will be no space for dissent,” he concludes.

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